Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sex Comics and Animations

Not only is sex fun to have and fun to watch, it can be a source for comedy as well. Who doesn't have their own favorite sex comedy? I have several, and now here are some that Adilia and I have had. Hope you enjoy. ^^

"Sex Is Funny"

"Eat You With My Cock!"


Friday, April 20, 2012

Adilia's Boy Harem

Given that I was a shape-shifter with the ability to assume any form and adapt any attribute imaginable, it only makes perfect sense that I would use this power to spice up our sex life by changing into different creatures and people to stimulate Adilia and increase the fun we would have.

One thing Adilia particularly liked for me to do was to assume different male attributes and appearances. I would basically change my form to look like any number of different young teenage boys with the features Adilia was most aroused by. I would change from differing ethnicity (Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, etc.), differing phenotypes (blonde hair, black hair, blue eyes, green eyes, big dick, bigger dick), I could even change my voice to whatever made her wetter. ;-)

It was effectively like giving her a whole harem of different boys to fuck all day and all night, but the really cool thing was that all these boys were really just one boy...ME. ^^ Adilia could literally say that sex with me was like getting fucked by a hundred sexy studs. ;-)

And the best part was that it wasn't like she was cheating on me either, because even though she was having sex with guys who looked different from me it was still me. It was no different than if I had been wearing a mask. It was sort of like extreme erotic cosplay.

There are advantages to being a shape-shifter. =)

Now without further ado, here are the different sexual personas that I would take on to fuck the daylights out of Adilia until daylight. ^^

Erebus Shade

Jack Nickels

Jamal S. Jackson (the original)

Jarrod Michaels

Justin Johnson

Ken Pow

Little Giant Snake-in-Pants

Reynaldo Caliente

Saleem "Salami"

Seth McWilde

And now it's time for some erotic animations.  Enjoy! ^^


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kinky Stuff

Adilia and I might look like your traditional family-friendly cartoon stars, but we are far from anything you'd ever see from Disney or Warner Bros. Many of our stories and adventures can be enjoyed by the whole family, but some parts of our surreal lifestyle (such as what is displayed in this post) are strictly for adults...mostly adults who don't bitch and complain about sexuality in cartoons. Adilia and I are just a couple of sex-crazed toons who love the kinky stuff. How kinky you might ask? Have a look for yourself. =)


"Penis Power"

"Vagina Power"

"Cum Into My Snatch"

"Ball-Busting Good Sex"

"Baby Got BACK..."

"Booty Thumpin"